The 10 Rules Of One Night Stands You Can’t Afford to Ignore

Written by Angel Aldo

“Never forget the One night stand rules”

You know, women are very competitive these days. They didn’t fear as much as our women folk century ago. There are a lot of things that men can do that women set out to do as well to show they can and at times, they prove to be even better at it. But we are not talking about jobs or profession here. Naughtiness is in the bag as well. In fact, there are amazing research results about how women can pull off infidelity for years without their men knowing about it. Women seemed to have recognized the blunders men did when cheating that they are able to keep it quiet and not get caught until they confess. And cheating is not the only thing women became better as they have become an enthusiastic participant on one night stands. You can find women on some of the best one night stand websites showing how well they have adapted the idea of sleeping with a stranger on a cold night. Does this mean you can have easy lay now as compared to your forefathers? Certainly not! Women like the freedom of having sex and they can be aggressive at times to have one night stands. But they don’t wait for men to pick them up. In fact they do the picking. So if you are not sending out signals that you are a good catch, you surely will not get laid.

First things first, your one night stand preparations


“A glass of wine, would be ideal to make a start”

It does not matter whether you are the expert, the novice or the oldies in search for a one night stand the most important thing is that you know when the best moment is and where to find it. One night stand is easiest, although not a general rule, if you travel a lot and you get to meet people whose sexual needs thrive on these nights of passion with a stranger. What do you think is one of the perks and lures why more and more young people go on a solo trip around the world But you don’t really need to go on travelling just to have a one night stand. You can meet lonely people on the planet, in your area as well. All it takes is for you to recognize this chance, this person and send out the right signals that you are open for a night of passion. So be alert, be assertive. Learn where to place yourself to meet the chick who will see you as a good lay. Of course, you can opt to go to the red light district. But if you don’t have the cash or the inclination to bedding a whore, you can open an account to the best sites for a one night stand that you know of. And if you find this pathetic, then you have to get your one night stand in a traditional and hard way – in the bar.
The real deal why people go to the bar on the weekend is they want to get laid. 100% of men anticipate this. The women, however, would like to think they are out having fun and nothing more. Good news for you, more than half of them will end up on their backs after they sip some few drinks.
So, with this fact handy, you will just have to know the important rules so you can get laid. If you ignore this basic foundation, then don’t get frustrated if you didn’t get the sex that you want.

There is a difference between listening and looking like you are bored


“Hear – It pays well in the end”

Number one rule you need to know with night stands is that you know how to listen. Listen well to. If you pretend you are listening and nod on some trial questions to test you out if you are listening then you surely will find yourself alone. Women like to talk and they want someone they consider to sleep with to listen to them. One sure way to prove you are listening is that you are able to answer appropriately and add some insights. This also true if you engage on potential one night stands from one of the sites best to get a one night stand date from. You have to show you are interested not only in their body but their mind as well – even though you are really just interested on the boobs that you are seeing.

Spending doesn’t ensure you a bed partner for a night but it is a must you need to do wisely

One night stand with a non – prostitute female is no less cheap than the pro; unless you want high end escort girls. If you want to get laid, you need to spend. However, there are instances that it will get you into trouble if you spend too soon. The thing is that there are girls who make it a game to have some guy and buy them a drink and hightail when they got what they wanted. This means if you offer them to buy them a drink, you will end up being a few dollars poorer and alone. So, while it is imperative that you spend, and obviously you have to keep the drink to ensure she won’t have much say on the matter if you bring her to your bed, you have to see to it you don’t spend too early on your approach.

Lie but be sincere enough to be able to look into her eyes

If you want a one night stand, be sure not to tell your real name or what you do. You might exaggerate your income to impress but never tell the real deal. It is best to keep one night stand where they should be afterwards, in your memory. However, in the midst of lying, you have to establish eye contact at all times. This way, you won’t let on you are lying. If you are such a bad liar face to face, the one night dating websites might be the only place you can go for this little adventure. This way, you don’t have to make eye contact or need to converse so much for that matter.

There is a time limit, don’t waste too much time to convince a woman to sleep with you

One night stands are like you hit it off or not a thing and this can be felt in less than an hour of conversation. Once you have done physically assessing each other and the booze started to flow between the two of you, then you are in for a hot night. So if you have been examined and given a cold shoulder then go, find another before the night is over.

Look for wasted hot girls if you feel desperation

One thing you don’t want to let on if you want a one night stand is to make women see your desperation. Fortunately, in a bar, there is a lot of wasted girls to pawn on. One thing is for sure, many will eye this wasted hot chick so be sure you got into the circle of her friends first or else, your efforts will be wasted on her.

Be in shape, be confident and learn how to dance

One sure way to turn off a woman is to make her see how useless you are on the dance floor. If you don’t know how to dance learn and if you are naturally awkward, then don’t attempt to dance at all. Just be in shape, go around holding a glass of drink and smile. If you are in shape, there is no real urgency to learn to dance. And of course, if you have confidence in your prowess to charm the ladies off their panties, then there is nothing to worry about.

Look for a woman who you think is also looking for a one night stand


“Spot the right woman”

Well, you might end up with a cougar who knows what they want, but if this is your kind of a one night stand, why not. At least, this way, you know who you are looking for. However, you need to check first if you are the kind of man cougar wants. Assess your personality, looks and style and see if you can fish a cougar your way.

There is nothing that will beat a light touch

When you have a good chemistry going on in your conversation, find an excuse to touch her like helping her up or bringing her to the dance floor. However, touches too soon will make hot things turn cold. So be innocent about it. You don’t even need to really use your hand to express your caress to increase the heat. A pen you hand to her by rubbing it light on her arms will do. Just find an excuse to do this like making her write something on a tissue paper and you happen to have a pen?

Don’t dig for good girls on a one night stand

Once in a while, good girls who are members in a church choir might lose their way towards a bar. No matter how pretty, witty and fun they are, they are not in for a night of passion. Unless you have coerced them to drink booze and they forget themselves, then you won’t have any sex for the night.

The things you need to know about one night stands, and you can confirm these on the best sites for a one night stand, are identifying the right female, grabbing the right opportunity, be in shape and have fun. These sites would provide you with all the correct information for having a one night stand. These online booty call sites are the best dating sites for one night stands. You can easily score a date from these sites for one night stands. You can win some and lose some but if you are out to party and live your life to the fullest, then one night stands will come and go and you will surely have your fill.

Groupon : Horrible Experience from Real Merchandisers Using It

Written by Angel Aldo

Who doesn’t want a great deal? Who can resist the idea of promoting your products and offering great savings to your customers? Groupon is an ecommerce site that offers killer deals for a certain time of the day. It’s an online coupon and discount book that offers variety to customers. In each area, there’s a Groupon being offered. Take for example, today’s Groupon is a Restaurant Dinner for two for a value of $49. You sign up for the deal and if there is enough number of people that will take the deal, then the company will offer the discounted price. It’s like a group discount for different activities such as shows, bus trips, yoga classes and massages.

Sounds like a fantastic deal for customers and merchandisers, right? Customers are able to save on money while merchandisers are able to drive traffic to stores. Other than driving traffic to stores, merchandisers also join Groupon because it helps reduce stocks; it helps sell highly perishable items and build customer loyalty. Groupon sounds like a necessary middleman for local merchandiser and it seems to be a program that’s suited for everyone.

To start with Groupon, merchandisers must contact the Groupon company and they will then discuss what you need for the site. However, before signing up for Groupon , take into consideration these horrible experiences from real merchandisers that have used Groupon.

Based on its experience with

Based on its experience with

Kim is an owner of a Parent Teacher Store. Here’s her story:

2009 was a not-so-good year for me. I just started my first full year in business. I bought this store from an owner who has been running the store for 28 years and he was simply letting go of the business. In 2010, I had to make changes so I can cut out my losses in 2009. My employee suggested that we should join Groupon. I used Groupon before as a customer so I welcomed the idea of becoming a merchandiser for Groupon. So, I made the call and I signed up for what seemed like a good deal.

I would just do nothing and Groupon would send me a check. Plus I would get advertising. So I agreed. My offer was $20 for merchandise that was worth $40. I thought that maybe I can sell many.

I never thought about the timing. The day that I made the deal was the busiest time of the year- July and August. And I really needed the cash since I was going to pay bills that were going to be due by Sept 1. The Groupon deal had already been set and it was being sold to 100 customers. I tried calling but they were not open yet. People were buying Groupons for 5 and the fine print was also wrong. The Groupon deal was being offered at a wrong deal. People were buying at the wrong terms and I had to offer them.

By the end of the promotion, people were redeeming and we had to check people’s names and I had to enforce the rule and tell them that the fine print was wrong. There are those who insist and I had to take it anyway.

I was still able to raise my numbers and I was happy that the sales were still up but I also learned that Groupon only sends the money after the promotion. My promotion doesn’t expire until January! Yikes! Plus Groupon sends the money in 3 installments!

Another Groupon Horror Story is from GAP

Mashable blogger reported that “GAP has lost $7.5 million in revenue with Groupon deal”

So are you still thinking of joining Groupon after hearing these horrible experiences? Think wisely and do your research before joining any business ventures.

Another Groupon Horror Story is from GAP

Another Groupon Horror Story is from GAP

Great Tips in Spicing Up Your Sex Life and Keeping your Relationship Last Forever

Written by Angel Aldo

There’s no such thing as the perfect romantic relationship or even a perfect sex life, however it is possible to make certain you as well as your partner keep close over the years. Check out the following:

  • Become the change you wish to see inside your relationship. Want much more romance? Be a little more romantic. Want more humorousness? Become more spontaneous. Don’t just relax around and then wait for your lover to read what’s on your mind then do everything. Whenever you make the effort and create beneficial changes on your sex life, you won’t just feel empowered as well as sexy; you will even inspire your lover to begin making various good changes regarding his own!

  • Forget about traditional date times. When your date-night plan is actually boring and predictable (like. dinner plus a movie), of course your date-night sex is going to be boring as well and predictable also. Turn your date times upside down simply by trying fresh as well as daring things to do. When you participate in terrifying activities along with your partner (for example riding on roller coasters or horse-riding), your brain produces dopamine as well as adrenaline which mimics the pleasure you felt on your first several weeks of going on a date. Even though you aren’t the actual thrill-seeker type, you may still power up your adrenaline having a scary-movie evening or even hitting the hills together.

  • Surrender control. A lot of women have trouble releasing control on the bedroom since they’re so used on going millions of miles per hour. Multi tasking makes women an excellent mother, wife, as well as corporate maven, however it may also make it challenging for you to release and then let loose when in the bedroom. Discover ways to surrender control and savor yourself through trying out the surrender date. For a surrender date, your lover is in control of everything. He selects your dress, your accessories, restaurants, the route towards the restaurant, as well as your lingerie. It may really feel strange (as well as upsetting in the beginning) to let go from the control factor, however by doing this you will probably find that it’s much better to just relax and then enjoy yourself…especially with regards to enjoying yourself inside the bedroom!

    So for a better sex education,

    So for a better sex education,

  • Simply do it. Many people often rest around and also wait for the feelings to hit when they’re in a committed, long-term relationship. Even so, the more often you sit around as well as wait for your own libido in order to suddenly ignite up, the greater it’ll decrease and also dissipate. Sex is structured on the “use it or even lose it” philosophy, and that’s why it’s smart to go on and simply do it often, even though you aren’t on the mood. You will sometimes see that when you’re ready to give sex chances, you’ll find yourself in the mood naturally. Obviously, you shouldn’t have sex when you totally don’t want to, if your emotions are there; listen to your own desires as well as your body will very likely follow.

  • Visit your doctor. When your health isn’t on the right track, your sex life will suffer. While a nourishing diet and lots of exercise is going to do wonders on your libido, it’s important to go to your doctor and inquire questions regarding any issues you may have. Regardless of whether you have any question regarding lubrication, hormones, or perhaps your sexual reaction, your doctor is definitely an invaluable help on the subject of boosting your sex life as well as getting your own relationship on the right track.

You've been with your partner

You’ve been with your partner

Simple Tips on How to Quit Smoking for Good

Written by Angel Aldo

It can be extremely hard to quit smoking since behavioral scientists have proven that addiction to nicotine can have as strong a hold on a smoker as addiction to heroin. Additionally, the habit of smoking has a very strong hold on smokers. Luckily, there are ways you can successfully stop smoking. Read on to learn more.

Many people believe that going cold turkey is the best way, and for some people, this is true. If you are a person who has the ability to simply say NO and walk away from a habit or addiction, this may work for you. Be advised, however, that you will probably spend an inordinate amount of time and energy recommitting to that decision. The vast majority of people are better off replacing the habit of smoking with something else. Here are a few ideas.

Nicotine gum can be an effective way to quit smoking

Nicotine gum is available over the counter, and it is helpful for some people. It provides a dose of nicotine as desired by the user, and it provides some oral stimulation. It does not provide hand to mouth action, nor does it provide any “image boost”. Additionally, nicotine gum does not provide smokers with the built-in breaks in the day they have come to expect. Very often, simply replacing the nicotine is not enough.

Having said that, it’s easy to see why nicotine patch (a pharmaceutical, FDA approved smoking cessation device) has a very low success rate. The nicotine patch provides nothing but nicotine. There are no physical components, so smokers often find themselves feeling empty handed and unsatisfied, regardless of the steady drip of pharmaceutical grade nicotine.

4 simple tips to quit smoking:

4 simple tips to quit smoking:

Use an electronic cigarette to quit smoking

Electronic cigarettes are not a smoking cessation device. They are a smarter and safer smoking alternative and have been termed a tobacco harm reduction device by experts in the field. They provide the amount of nicotine chosen by the user along with the hand to mouth action and oral satisfaction afforded by smoking. Vapor produced by electronic cigarettes is made of FDA approved, food grade ingredients and pharmaceutical grade nicotine. Additionally, using e-cigs can become an enjoyable hobby as former smokers take up collecting interesting equipment and technology and become involved in online and real-life communities of vapers (people who use electronic cigarettes).

No matter which alternative you choose, it’s a good idea to stay away from smoky environments. One of the great benefits of not smoking is that you no longer smell like smoke, and you no longer expose yourself and others to toxic fumes. Choosing to hang around with smokers negates these benefits!

As you move away from smoking to a smoke-free lifestyle, think about the many ways your life will improve and extend without smoking. When you don’t expose yourself to toxins and carcinogens on a regular basis, you greatly reduce your risk of cancers of the mouth, throat, lungs and internal organs. In the past, we thought the tissues destroyed and damaged by cigarette smoke could not regenerate. Now we know better. The longer you go without smoking and the better care you take of yourself, the healthier you will become. Within 7 years, you will be a whole new you!

Hence, quit smoking if you

Hence, quit smoking if you

When you commit to stopping smoking and renew that commitment regularly, choose an excellent and workable replacement for smoking and focus on all the good things that will come to you when you quit, you have a good chance of freeing yourself from smoking. Follow the tips presented here for a tobacco free lifestyle.

Credit Cards: 3 Tips That Will Guide You While Choosing One

Written by Angel Aldo

Despite the many debates surrounding credits, still they are very helpful when it comes to business transactions. A credit card will allow you to make a transaction without the need of carrying around money which is usually dangerous if a large amount of money is involved. However, credit cards can put someone into trouble in case he does not know how to use it. It is therefore necessary to ask a financial officer to guide you on how to use your credit card. This is to allow you to realize the full benefits of having a credit card.

When choosing a credit card, you need to ensure that you are applying for one that will meet your needs. For example if you are running a business, you need to take into account the nature of your profit-loss margin. This will help you in choosing a credit card that you can afford. Choose a card that will not bring looses to your business.

It also advisable for business people not to choose a credit card that has a wide credit limit. You will be tempted to take more credit which might overwhelm you will paying it back. Choose a credit card that will offer you a reasonable credit limit but the limit should not be too inadequate for your credit needs. There are various types of credit cards to suit various types of businesses. Here are the major 3 tips for picking the right business credit card.

With so many credit cards to

With so many credit cards to

First, you need to be sure on how you are going to use your credit card. Ask yourself the following questions;

  • Do you want to use the credit card in all your transactions?

  • Do you intend to settle all your balances at the end of the month?

  • Do you intend to use the credit card while transacting balance transfers?

By answering these questions, you will be in a better position to choose the most appropriate credit card that will work for you. For example, if you intend to pay the balance every end month, you can choose to apply for the charge card.

Second, you need to check on the annual percentage rate being charged by the card provider or your card’s APR. The APR is the percentage being charged on the balance that has remained after the agreed grace period. If you are going to be charged a higher APR for your credit card, then most probably financial charges will also be higher. So choose a credit card whose annual percentage rate is reasonable and that which you can afford.

You can also create a new

You can also create a new

Thirdly, consider the fees being charged per transaction. You would not like to be charged a higher fee than the actual transaction. Choose a card that you are going to be charged a reasonable fee per transaction. You should also check for which allows your offers per transaction. Choose a card that allows you a discounted fee for a transaction above a certain amount of money. The card will allow you to pay a lower fee whenever you transact above the stipulated amount.

The Pros and Cons of Buying Foreclosed Homes

Written by Angel Aldo

If you are considering buying a home and are constrained with a budget, looking at foreclosed homes may be a good idea. Buying foreclosed homes is now a welcome practice of majority of people because of its many advantages. Foreclosures also make up a large no. of properties available in the market; and because of this banks that own these foreclosures offer very good deal in order to sell them.

With the economic condition improving, and interest rates on housing loans remain extremely low, now is a good time to consider buying a home. Considering foreclosures will enable you to buy the best house at the price you can afford. But even with all its advantages, you should also keep in mind the disadvantages in buying foreclosed homes. Since buying foreclosed homes take on a different process than traditional home buying, risks and dangers may be involved. It pays to take your time in finding out the advantages and disadvantages of this route you wish to take and think things over before committing to the purchase.

Here are the major pros and cons of buying foreclosed homes:

Buying below market value (PROS) – This could probably be the best advantage in buying foreclosed homes: the price is way below its market value. Since a foreclosed home’s structure is actually depreciated in value because of the no. of years it was lived on, banks tend to sell them on bargain. Oftentimes they throw in some more discounts to get you to sign the deal. Although in the recent years discounts aren’t that high to be attractive, still, the price you pay for a foreclosed home is much lower than you would have to invest in a new home.

Home buyers may be able to ge

Home buyers may be able to ge

Easily pay with lower mortgage loan(PROS) – Even if this sale is not like a traditional one, still you can apply for a mortgage loan to pay for the property. And since the value of the property is already down in value, you can expect your mortgage to be quite affordable too.

You get what you pay for (CONS) – Because it is not a brand new home, you assume all responsibility to all the possible defects of the house when you bought it. Foreclosed homes are sold “as is”. There is no building contractor to run after in case a major defects need attention. With previous owners of foreclosed homes damaging their property before turning over to the bank, you may be in for a big surprise once you start living in your newly bought home.

Pros and Cons of Buying Foreclosed Homes

Pros and Cons of Buying Foreclosed Homes

You pay for any liens (CONS) – Since the very reason the house was foreclosed was due to the previous owner’s inability to keep up with mortgage, it is highly possible that there are other debts left unpaid that is due for this property. This could be tax considerations, contractor payments or other loans used to finance this property. Doing a thorough research before committing to any purchase will help uncover any liens on this property